Luogo - Museum

Museo Tripisciano

Where Largo Barile, 7, Caltanissetta

Opened in 2010 in historic Moncada Palace, Museum displays all plasters donated by Michele Tripisciano to his hometown. Collection has also some works in marble and bronze, for a total of 71 works (about half of total production of the artist). Tripisciano is characterized by the creation of important projects of commemorative public works throughout Italy. Rooms are: Hall of Belli, where are grouped the preparatory sketches for the marble statue of Belli in Rome; Angel's Room, where ise exposed impressive chalk of Angel with Cross, with other religious works; Orfeo Room, where on a pedestal is shown beauty marble of Orfeo, with other works; Hall of Speakers, which displays impressive plaster casts of two speakers, Paul and Hortensius (whose marble statues are located in Rome, in Palace of Justice).

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