Religious building

Chiesa di San Domenico

Via San Domenico, 10-45, Caltanissetta

Its foundation dates back to 1458, attributed to Beato Reginaldo, companion of St. Dominic. In 1650, during the work carried out behind the main altar, were found the remains of three bodies: one with pieces of women's clothes, made with fine fabrics, it was identified with Princess Adelasia, grandson of Count Roger de Hauteville, others two with Conti William Raymond and Antonio Moncada. At the end of the eighteenth century Church was enlarged and redefined on a longitudinal plant with three naves. In 1828 the interior was adorned with stucco still visible today. Baroque facade, convex in the center and concave to the sides, is defined by pilasters of sandstone blocks, like the portal and other architectural elements. The bell tower has remained incomplete. The interior has three naves and five side arches. The ceiling is decorated with frescoes by an unknown artist depicting scenes from St. Dominic's life. To note three paintings by Filippo Paladino: St. Vincenzo Borremans, Our Lady of Rosary and Our Lady of  Carmel Mount. Behind the altar is the choir, under the floor of which there are still niches in which were placed in the dripping corpses before burial.


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