Cimitero Monumentale degli Angeli

Via Angeli, 158, Caltanissetta

Angels Cemetery was one of the first monumental cemeteries in Italy. Built in the late 1878 near St. Mary of Angels's Church, annexed Monastery and Pietrarossa Castle, it is part of Natural Reserve of Capodarso Mount and Imera Valley. Cemetery has avenues where overlook nobil chapels built by architects Pasquale Saetta and Alfonso Barbera. Among them, the best known are Amato-Salvati, Calafati, Difìglia, Falduzza, Giarrizzo, Lanzirotti, Mazzone, Messina-Sapienza, Trigona della Floresta and Testasecca. The latter is distinguished by its monumentality and for the presence of Our Lady by sculptor Tripisciano. Another highlight is Senator Morillo's Chapel, designed by Nuara in 1912 and converted directly into a crevice of Pietrarossa.


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