Luogo - Historical building

Portico dei Cavalieri Templari

Where Piazza Duomo, Brindisi

The so-called "Porch of the Templars" is a medieval building in Piazza Duomo. Has two Gothic arches separated by a marble Greek column; the vaults are ribbed two-colored (white stone and carparo). Due to its characteristics is given to the twelfth or thirteenth century, but its function is not entirely clear: as loggia in Piazza Duomo, it can refer to the first archbishop's palace of Brindisi. Next documentation (XVI century) states that the Porch was the ground floor of the palace of the De Cateniano family, who then gave some properties (including the "Porch") to the Civic Hospital. The reference to the Templars is the result of the eighteenth-century erudition. Currently, after the renovations completed by the years 1954-1958, it's the access to the  Ribezzo Museum and it's an integral part of it, hosting under its vaults medieval finds, including a large stone sarcophagus.

Portico dei Cavalieri Templari c
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