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Museo Archeologico Comunale Salvatore Faldetta di Brindisi

Where Viale Regina Margherita , 11/12, Brindisi
The “Salvatore Faldetta” Archaeological Museum comes from an archaeological collection, established thanks to the passion of the Homonymous Foundation President, in the course of several years and donated to the city of Brindisi, in order to provide this rich heritage of the whole community. The tour commences on the ground floor, through to the first and second floors of the building, adjacent to the stairway “Virgilio”, overlooking the beautiful port city of Brindisi. The Foundation, established in Brindisi on October 16th, 2002 by Founder Mr. Salvatore Faldetta, offers visitors to the museum, a collection of 350 archaeological finds and a University with specific courses in archeology and history of ancient art.
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