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Museo Diocesano Giovanni Tarantini di Brindisi

Where Piazza Duomo, 12, Brindisi
The Giovanni Tarantini Diocesan Museum was established in the eighteenth century archbishop building in Brindisi . It is symbolically dedicated to the priest and theologian who safeguarded and protected the historical heritage of the area. The exhibition starts from the atrium on the ground floor and displays the lapidary and the rooms containing the Sacred Art section. It continues to the first floor with the Pinacoteca. A branch of the museum is located at the Church of St. Benedict. The Palace of the Seminary of Brindisi is the best example of Baroque style architecture in the city. It was constructed using the materials for decoration of the basilica of San Leucio, such as the white marble and the doors of the facade. The building was completed in 1720 and built by the will of Paolo de Villana Perlas and architect Mauro Manieri from Lecce. The facade of the building seems to recall the style of the oratory building from the Philippines and the College of Propaganda Fide in Rome. At the front there are eight ornamental statues depicting: Mathematics, Speaking, Ethics, Theology, Philosophy, Law and the Poetics of Harmony. Housed inside, is a fine chapel.
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