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Chiesa di Santa Teresa

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The Church of St. Teresa, in Baroque style, was built by the priest Francesco Monetta as home to the Convent of the Teresian (Discalced Carmelites). In 1807 it became a military seat, then seat of the State Archives. The facade is modest, with a few stone inserts (niches, pinnacles and scrolls) on a hanging tuff. Inside, at the main altar, two paintings by Diego Bianchi ("Saint Joseph" and "Ecstasy of St. Teresa"); in the first chapel to the right it can appreciate a painting of the '600 that depicts the "Nativity", interesting depictions with Salento costumes of the time, while that of arousing there is a canvas with the "Madonna del Carmelo" who delivers the scapular of Serafino Elmo.

Chiesa di Santa Teresa c
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