Luogo - Historical building

Torre e Fontana della Pallata

Where Corso Goffredo Mameli, 69, Brescia

Tower was built in 1254. With a square base in Botticino stone, the tower stands to protect Porta San Giovanni, located on the first Medieval walls. It is the only fortress structure of this wall that has survived until today. In the 15th century, other ornamental elements were added, such as the clock, the terracotta battlements and the turret. On the western side of Tower there is a fountain created by Antonio Carra and Valentino Bonesini from 1597, designed by Pier Maria Bagnadore. The fountain is formed by an architectural composition in which four allegorical statues are inserted, of which the two below represent the divinities of the two main rivers of Brescia: Mella (on the left) and Garza (on the right). The name "Pallata" would be traced to a deformation of the name Pallas, that is the goddess Athena, perhaps due to the presence of Roman material reused for its construction.

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