Archaeological Area

Teatro Romano (Sito UNESCO "Longobardi In Italia: i luoghi del potere")

Via dei Musei, 55, Brescia

Roman Theater of ancient Brixia is a building located near Capitoline Temple and Piazza del Foro. In 2011 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is part of serial site "Longobardi in Italy: places of power". Theater was built in Flavian era, like nearby Capitolium, to which it was connected by a portico, and remodeled during the principality of Septimius Severus, in the third century. Currently the remains of thecavea, of the scene and original wall facing the street are visible. Other remains are in Palazzo Maggi area or incorporated into the building: inside there are visible pavements and masonry remains from the late Roman period. Theater was the largest in northern Italy after that of Verona and measured 86 meters in width and probably 34 in height, with a size similar to the theaters of Catania and Taormina. It could accommodate up to 15,000 people. It was connected to Temple through a long, defined hall of pilasters with Tuscanico capitals.

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