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Museo storico Carlo Donegani

Where ?, Bormio (Sondrio)
The museum, belonging to Banca Popolare di Sondrio, is dedicated to Carlo Donegani (1775-1845), the engineer who planned the Stelvio Pass road. The exhibition area consists of three sections. In the most important, dedicated to the "Great War", there are panels with period photos and notes in Italian and German as well as a showcase with a great collection of relics - found and donated by Mario Pasinetti - dating back to the war time. There is also a fragment of trench which was made using finds from the fighting places. This section is the ideal starting point (or point of arrival) for visiting a wider and more suggestive Museum: the open-air Museum consisting of a close network of bays, fortifications and trenches. A section of the area commemorates the work of the engineer Donegani and it collects copy of the original technical and historical documents concerning his road plan. The Stelvio carriageway was commissioned by the Imperial Royal Government of Lombardy-Venetia and it was built just in five years (1820-1825). The last section is dedicated to the events which contributed to make the Stelvio Pass famous: events concerning snow sports, cycling, mountain-climbing, motorcycling and motor-racing.
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