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Where Tirano (Sondrio)

Tirano is famous for Sanctuary of the Madonna di Tirano and for being the Italian terminus of spectacular Rhaetian Railway, UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008. It rises at an altitude of 450 meters and is surrounded by mountains, Bernina massif and Stelvio. The town is located near the confluence of the rivers Adda and Poschiavino and the valleys in which they flow, Valtellina and Val Poschiavina, in a position so strategic that pushed Ludovico il Moro to fortify it and then embellish it with noble palaces, between XVI and XVII century. Palazzo Salis is a clear example of this, with its large late 16th century facade and splendid ashlar portal. The interiors, which can now be visited in a museum circuit of 11 frescoed and restored rooms, mainly show decorative items from Baroque period. Another important building is Palazzo Torelli, in Baroque style. After the construction of Ludovician walls, three doors were also erected to allow access to the city, built in correspondence of commercial and military routes, still present in historical center. Omodei Castle (or Castello del Dosso or Castellaccio) is undoubtedly one of the oldest buildings in the city. In a dominant position over the inhabited area, since the Middle Ages it has been the main bulwark of defense.

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