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Museo etnografico di Schilpario

Where Via dei Goi, 4, Schilpario (Bergamo)

The Ethnographic Museum of Schilpario, born to restore to the people from a historical and cultural heritage essential to the preservation of historical memory, will highlight the tools and objects of daily life, putting them in socio-economic context in which they were produced and used. The objects, documents, photographs, oral testimonies presented here illustrate the arduous and painstaking work that the structural and environmental conditions have forced the inhabitants of the Valley of Scalve: the stone placed at the beginning of the exhibition, furrowed by deep passage of the sleds loaded with minerals that "Strusì" transported to the valley bottom, is a prime example. The museum is not, therefore, the container for a collection of objects coated by time, but overall a path that represents the essential characteristics of society and economy of the Valley, captured through the material culture.

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