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Museo Camuno - Camus

Where Via Garibaldi, ?, Breno (Brescia)

Founded in early twentieth century on initiative of Association "Pro Val Camonica", Civic Museum it is based at Culture's Palace in Breno, once stately Federici family (XV century). The building still houses Library and Information Center of cultural Val Camonica system. Museum is divided into ten rooms and a Gallery containing works of art (paintings, coats of arms, furniture and utensils) from Prehistoric times until the first half of the twentieth century. Alongside paintings from fifteenth to twentieth century (by artists such as Piazza, Romani, Crespi, Procaccini, Monti, Hayez, Diotti, Loverini and Bianchi), there is a collection of portraits and coats of arms of families from sixteenth to twentieth century, a collection of local archaeological finds from Prehistoric to Roman times, liturgical objects, sculptures from fifteenth to nineteenth century belonged to Fantoni family from Rovetta, civil furniture from Renaissance to Modern times and, finally, a collection of decorative objects of popular culture.

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