Luogo - Museum

Museo etnografico del ferro Le Fudine

Where Via S. Antonio, Malegno (Brescia)

Since its founding in 1998, Le Fudine Museum intended to preserve and present to the public the forges (fudine in local dialect) in Via S. Antonio, one of the most interesting and ancient monuments of industrial archeology of Valley. Original building, which consists of two different workshops, is one of the oldest forges in Europe and has a late-Gothic style that is reminiscent of a foundation in the fourteenth and fifteenth century. The building has been remodeled several times over time to fit the needs of traditional processing, which continued until a few decades ago. In addition to the main space with ovens, mallets, trumpet wind driven water and anvils, there are also other small rooms that housed the shear and warehouses for iron and fuel. Nearly all the machinery of the forge were driven by water wheels placed in the channel where the water flowed from the nearby stream Lanico.

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