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Where Cedegolo (Brescia)
Cedegolo (Sedégol in camunian dialect) is an Italian comune of 1,258 inhabitants in Val Camonica, province of Brescia, in Lombardy. Geography The village of Cedegolo located in a narrow gorge formed by Oglio river, on its eastern side. It is crossed by two streams: the Val Gravagna, further north, and the Poia, to the south. History The comune of Cedegolo was created in 1797, at the fall of the Republic of Venice, but became a hamlet of Grevo in 1798. The bridge over the river Poia, in the center of the village, was completed in 1592. From Cedegolo in July 1866 the fourth regiment of volunteers in Italy and the Second Battalion of bersaglieri moved to enter Austrian Trentino, through the Lake Arno. Monuments and places of interest) Religious architectures The churches of Cedegolo are: Parish of Saint Jerome, the first half of the XVII. The altar is by Pietro Ramus. Society Demographic trends Traditions and folklore The scütüm are in camunian dialect nicknames, sometimes personal, elsewhere showing the characteristic features of a community. The one which characterize the people of Cedegolo is Lìca-tóncc'. References External links (Italian) Historical photos - Intercam (Italian) Historical photos - Lombardia Beni Culturali
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