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Where Cevo (Brescia)
Cevo (Séf in local camunian dialect) is an Italian comune of 938 inhabitants in Val Camonica, province of Brescia, in Lombardy. Geography Neighbouring communes are Saviore dell'Adamello and Berzo Demo. It is located near Valle Camonica near the slopes of Adamello. History On April 22, 1644, most of the town of Cevo was burned down by a fire started by lightning. On July 3, 1944, most of the houses in the town were either damaged, destroyed, or looted by the combined Wehrmacht and Italian Fascist forces, in retaliation for activities by the partisans. Six people were killed and two-thirds of the 1,200 residents were left homeless. Monuments and places of interest Religious architectures Churches Cevo are: Church of St. Sixtus of the sixteenth century from earlier Romanesque building, surrounded by a small cemetery. Parish of San Vigilio of the sixteenth century Church of Sant 'Antonio Abate A cross, erected in 2005, is a memorial to Pope John Paul II; it collapsed in April of 2014, killing Marco Gusmini, 21, who may have had a developmental disability, three days before the Pope's canonization with Pope John XXIII (coincidentally, Gusmini lived on a street named after Pope John). Society Demographic trends Traditions and folklore The scütüm are in camunian dialect nicknames, sometimes personal, elsewhere showing the characteristic features of a community. The one which characterize the people of Cevo is Barlócc. References External links (Italian) Historical photos - Intercam (Italian) Historical photos - Lombardia Beni Culturali
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