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Museo etnografico tiranese

Where Piazza Basilica, 30, Tirano (Sondrio)

The Ethnographic Museum in Tirano is located in the XVIII century "Casa del Penitenziere" overlooking the historical square of the sanctuary dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of Madonna di Tirano. The museum's collections document the valtellinese peasant and mountain culture, ranging from daily life tools, handicrafts to instruments employed in economical activities such as wine and cheese production, agriculture, cattle-breeding and wood work. In an authentic a bedroom from ancient valtellinese houses has been set up, whereas the kitchen area has been faithfully reconstructed. Together with the so called "minor" or "poor art", the museum also shows items of"cultured art". In one of the museum's rooms are indeed exhibited the religious vestments given to the nearby Sanctuary by Cardinal Richelieu in 1636. Of particular importance is the museum's support to the ethnographic and linguistic research about the local idioms as well as to studies on emigration from Valtellina.

Tirano, Museo Etnografico Tiranese c
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