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Ponte di Legno

Where Ponte di Legno (Brescia)

Ponte di Legno (Pònt in local camunian dialect) is an Italian comune of 1,773 inhabitants in Val Camonica, province of Brescia, in Lombardy. Geography Situated at the confluence of the two source rivers of the Oglio, Ponte di Legno is the uppermost comune of Valle Camonica. History The territory of the municipality of Ponte di Legno was part of the ancient Dalaunia (Dalegno), which included also the comune of Temù. On September 27, 1917 the village was bombarded by Austrian cannons and razed to the ground in a short time. Monuments and places of interest Religious architectures The churches of Ponte di Legno are: Parish of the Holy Trinity, dated 1685, though the wooden door is from 1929. Inside there are works from the workshop of Ramus. Church St. Appollonio in Plampezzo. It is an ancient church dating from the twelfth century, with frescoes of the thirteenth century of the hand of the painter Johannes from Volpino. Society Demographic trends Traditions and folklore The scütüm are in camunian dialect nicknames, sometimes personal, elsewhere showing the characteristic features of a community. The ones which characterize the people of the comune are: Poia: Bòrse Zoanno: Gòs Pezzo: Benui Precasaglio: Berlif References External links (Italian) Historical photos - Intercam (Italian) Historical photos - Lombardia Beni Culturali

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