Luogo - Archaeological Area

Incisioni Rupestri della Val Camonica (Sito UNESCO - Arte Rupestre)

Where Strada Provinciale di Daone direzione Pracul, 55, Valdaone (Trento)

The rock carvings of Val Camonica were the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in Italy, in 1979. UNESCO recognized more than 140,000 figures, but new and uninterrupted discoveries have brought the total number of engravings to almost three hundred thousand. The Rock Art in Val Camonica is reported on about 2000 rocks included in 24 municipalities, with a particular concentration in the municipalities of Capo di Ponte, Ceto (Nadro), Cimbergo and Paspardo, Sonico, Sellero, Darfo Boario Terme, Ossimodove, there are 8 parks equipped for the visit. The engravings were made over a period of eight thousand years, up to Iron Age. Most of the incisions were made with the hammering technique, in smaller numbers those obtained through the graffiti. The rock engravings are usable in the paths of eight theme parks: Sovracomunale Lake Moro park, Luine and Monticolo Park; Archaeological Park of Asinino-Anvòia; Rock Engravings Nature Reserve of Ceto, Cimbergo and Paspardo Park; National Park of the rock carvings of Naquane; National Archaeological Park of Massi di Cemmo; Municipal Archaeological Park of Seradina-Bedolina; Sellero Archaeological Park; Multi-theme path of "Coren delle Fate".

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