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Museo Vallivo Valfurva Mario Testorelli

Where Piazza Forba, 1, Valfurva (Sondrio)

The Valfurva "Mario Testorelli Museum" is placed in S. Antonio Valfurva in the building built at the end of 1800 to host the school and the town hall. The Museum was established in 1979 thanks to the teacher Mario Testorelli (1926-2002), who, around 1960, has started to find and collect local ethnographic. He was aware of their value and importance as memories of a world which was disappearing. The Museum owns a rich heritage which documents the history, the culture and the traditions of Valfurva. The path of the Museum passes throw domestic settings, as the bedrooms and the kitchen, and the old shops where skilled craftsmen used to work: carpenters, shoemakers, blacksmiths.. Other sections document the art of grinding and of making bread, the agricultural activities, the school, the sacred art, the mountain, the mountaineering and the First World War.

Valfurva, Museo Vallivo Valfurva Mario Testorelli c
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