Luogo - Museum

Centro espositivo Arte Sella

Where Corso Ausugum, 44, Borgo Valsugana (Trento)

Arte Sella: the contemporary mountain. A unique creative experience that in thirty years has seen the encounter of artistic language, sensibility and inspirations united in the desire of a fruitful and continuous dialogue between the creative and the natural world. Arte Sella consists in two different paths into the forest where many international artists work every year together with Nature as a creative partner. Year after year, artworks created with natural materials are left and offered to the Nature itself. The time flows changing them, making them always new. Every season dresses the paths again with different colors and fragrances: every visit is different and brings new emotions. In 2016 Arte Sella celebrates its 30th anniversary: this is an important goal along the process that made Arte Sella one of the most famous Art in Nature projects in the world. Arte Sella will celebrate its 30 years with a number of new artworks and a rich calendar full of seminars, concerts and dance performances.

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