Luogo - Castle

Castello del Buonconsiglio

Where Via Bernardo Clesio, Trento

Buonconsiglio Castle is the largest and most important monument of Trentino Alto Adige. It was residence of Bishops of Trento from the thirteenth to the eighteenth century. It consists of a series of buildings of different eras, enclosed within a boundary wall in a slightly elevated position above the city: Castelvecchio is the oldest nucleus, dominated by an imposing cylindrical tower; Magno Palace is the expansion in the sixteenth century in Renaissance style desired by Bernardo Cles; It dates back to the late seventeenth century Baroque Giunta Albertiana. Eagle Tower, south, contains famous "Cycle of Months", one of the most fascinating secular pictorial cycles of late Middle Ages. Of great interest is the decoration inside, made mainly in the late Medieval period and Renaissance. After the end of Bishop period (1803) Castle was used as a barracks. Restored in 1924 became seat of National Museum since 1973 and belongs to Province of Trento. Currently it is the main pole of a museum system formed by five castles among the most beautiful and prestigious in Trentino region.

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