Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo Roccabruna

Where Via Santa Trinità, 24, Trento

Roccabruna palace dates back to mid-sixteenth century. It spreads over three floors, with a back yard and a facade characterized by a rusticated portal framed by two stone benches, surmounted by Roccabruna's crest. The portal supports a balcony with a stone balustrade, surmounted by a second coat of arms, attributed to Madruzzo. The lobby introduces the hall with vaulted ceilings decorated with stucco and busts of Roman emperors. On the first floor, a lounge with frescoes at the top and encausti decorations to the bottom. The ceiling is wooden coffered and has a fireplace frescoed with Alberti family's emblem. St. Jerome's Chapel has a tiled floor and tiled ceiling decorated with stucco. The upper part of the walls are painted with fourteen scenes from Saint's life.

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