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Calà del Sasso

Where Asiago (Vicenza)

Calà del Sasso is the path, formed by 4,444 steps, which connects the town of Valstagna, in Brenta Canal, to  Sasso di Asiago district, in Sette Comuni Plateau, in the province of Vicenza. This is the longest staircase in Italy, as well as one of the longest stairways in the world open to the public. The path is still largely flanked by a cunetta, made, like the steps themselves, in limestone: this cunetta was once used to transport Altopiano timber downstream. Once in Valstagna, in fact, Calà ends near Brenta river, where the trunks were flown to Venice where they were used in Arsenale for the construction of boats.

Immagine descrittiva - CC BY-SA Di fabryr - La calà del sasso, CC BY-SA 2.0, c
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