Luogo - Museum

Museo Ovoteca

Where Piazza Mazzini - località Civitella del Lago, 9, Baschi (Terni)
The Egg Museum The Museo Ovoteca is located in Civitella del Lago, a suggestive Medieval Burgh under Baschi Municipality, which dominates Corbara Lake. The museum collection includes a large number of painted or sculpted eggs. Professional and amateur artists executed them on the occasion of the Mostra Concorso Nazionale “Ovo Pinto”—a national exhibition and prized contest dedicated to them—that has been held during Easter time since 1982. This event is organized and run by a cultural association—Associazione Culturale “Ovo Pinto”—whose mission is to promote this tradition, which is a custom that has been inherited from the ancient Romans and is still alive today, especially in central Italy.
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