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Antiquarium comunale

Where Piazza del Comune, 1, Baschi (Terni)
Civic Antiquarium The Antiquario Comunale has been housed on the ground floor and in the basement of the Palazzo Comunale overlooking the homonym square of Baschi, which is a medieval burgh part of the Tiber River Park, since 2000. Inside the small museum there is an interesting exhibition following a path centered on the archaeological finds from the municipal excavations that span from the protohistory period—13 century B.C.—to the Early Middle Ages—6 century A.D. The ground floor hosts the largest part, entirely dedicated to the archaeological excavations of the nearby locality of Soppieto, where a ceramic workshop—active from the end of the 1 century B.C. to the years 70-80 A.D.—has been found. Following modern didactic museum criteria, apart from the finds, the process of ceramic production is also illustrated, together with the cycle of manufacturing ceramics, the functioning of the firing in kilns, the reproduction in scale of an ancient Roman furnace and the ways and modes of commercialization along the Tiber riverbanks, including the models of the vessels used for the transportation of the goods.
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