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Area archeologica di Scoppieto

Where Località Scoppieto di , Baschi (Terni)
Archeological Area of Scoppieto The site of the Area Archeologica extending to Scoppieto, under the municipality of Baschi, occupies the plain dominating the Tiber Valley, in an area rich with clay deposits, water and fertile land. The visit to the archaeological excavation site represents a point of departure, but also a point of arrival, of an archaeological and naturalistic itinerary that runs through Tiber River Park, which offers a panoramic view of the ancient settlements, built along the river, that served as an agile means of communication and transportation. The tour is essentially completed with the visit to the Municipal Antiquarium of Baschi, where the materials found in the archaeological area are displayed. The investigations, which have been carried out by the University of Perugia since 1995, brought a 4 century B.C. Sanctuary to light, which was transformed—from the 1 century B.C.—into a ceramic manufacturing complex. Once this activity ended, the area was transformed into a residential neighborhood until the 4 century A.D. The workshop remained in function for almost a century and produced earthenware pottery, known as terra sigillata—sealed earth—that was named from the sigillum, which was stamped on the matrix used to impress the decorative motives of the vases. Apart from the calyx, cups, plates and bowls that typically had polished surfaces with a coral red color, bricks and lamps were also produced. The invariably aligned potter workspaces, which stood near a water basin to keep the clay, the potter wheel and the brazier, have re-emerged in the area of 2000 square meters that has been discovered up to now. The other phases of the manufacturing, from the depuration of the clay to the firing of the final product in the kiln are on the site. The signature of the Scoppieto potters applied on the ceramics shows us the network of the distribution of the goods, which was widespread and on a large scale in the entire Mediterranean basin and passed through the extremely close and economical Tiber River.
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