Luogo - Museum

Museo d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea

Where Piazza Antonio Ortiz Echague, 2, Atzara (Nuoro)

The Museum, on three floors, is structured in three thematic areas: a historical part, which includes a photo exhibition with pictures of the country in the first decades of the twentieth century, an artistic part, where an exhibition of the works of foreign painters, Italian and Sardinian and, finally, a part devoted to the preparation of temporary exhibitions. The creation of a Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in a small town of Nuoro is justified by the events of the early twentieth century, which led to three costumbristi Spanish painters in Atzara: Eduardo Chicharro Agüera, Antonio Ortiz Echagüe and Bernardo de Quirós, fascinated by clothes and the local traditions. Atzara, lively and intelligent, thus became the center for development of a native pictorial language inspired to Iberian style, and the destination of important Sardinian artists who stayed there much longer.

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