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Where VIA VITTORIO EMANUELE, 10, Ales (Oristano)
 The Museum of Sardinian Folk Toys is an original example of a series of initiatives aimed at preserving the memories of our past traditions. This idea originated from the research carried out by the students and staff of Scuola Media Statale at Ales between 1993-1996.The toys are faithful replicas of the original home made ones, they are imbued with the authentic folk spirit and, just like in the past, they are made strictly from material found in the surrounding environment.This is the only collection of the type of toys which were once found all over Sardinia. The toys are grouped according to special themes: transport, festivals, dolls, toys that improve ability in racing and throwing, a wide display of weapons, various pastimes and games, objects for the production of sounds and other objects used in games.The simple base of reed or other woven plants on which the toys are set enhances their effect.

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