Luogo - Museum


Where VIA ROMA, 15, Arbus (Medio Campidano)

Created by the famous cutler Paolo Pusceddu, it stands next to his laboratory called, as the  typical knife of the area, "Arburesa". In the Museum you can relive the history of cutlery in Sardinia, from the Neolithic period: the path starts with oldest knives, most notably playing a dagger in obsidian and hunting tools. Some knives are real works of art, with horn handles of every shape and color, inlaid and sculptured in the form of deer, wild boar, mouflon and eagle to represent the Sardinian fauna. They are then exhibited the most representative contemporary Sardinian cutlers. The last room is the reconstruction of the old smithy "su ferreri", in which there are the original tools of the last century. Inside the Museum are projected films on the phases and construction techniques of the knife.


Monday-Friday 09:00/12:00 am and 4:00/8:00 pm; Saturday 08:00/12:00 am

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