Luogo - Museum

Antiquarium Comunale di Alberona

Where Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 6, Alberona (Foggia)
The Municipal Antiquarium is located in the historic village of Alberona. The village consists mainly of feature farmhouses built of stone, white stone or masonry. The main monument is the town of Torre del Priore, which first belonged to the Templars in the fourteenth century and then became the residence of the Grand Prior of the Order of the Knights of Malta in Barletta, when he moved to its feud Alberona. In 2002 it was donated to the “Italia Nostra” that has made it, its headquarters. The Antiquarian, not yet a "museum" but an "approved warehouse" is housed in the premises of a private historical building and is composed of four large rooms. Two of these rooms display archaeological finds and the other two rooms are used as storage.
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