Luogo - Museum

Museo Civico "Giuseppe Fiorelli"

Where Via Famiglia De Nicastri, 74, Lucera (Foggia)
Since 1936, the museum is housed in the charming rooms of the eighteenth-century De Nicastri-Cavalli building, in the heart of the historic city centre. The building was restored and the museum was renovated. A complex restoration and museum project has changed the internal structure of the building, expanding the exhibition space, providing a hall for conferences and a temporary exhibition, open to all visitors with special attention paid to children, the elderly and disabled. The beautiful eighteenth century building that houses the museum, features boardrooms and frescoed ceilings; its hall is monumental, with its majestic staircase entrance which is an integral part of the museum. It has a few windows for objects that are usually displayed however, when possible are removed, allowing the visitor to have direct contact with the objects displayed. In fact, the structure offers an idea of a open museum where one can stay and return, where the visitor can come to read and study (in the specialist archaeology and city history library or in the bookshop at the entrance), a space where initiatives can be planned (with schools, universities and citizens)and a space to perform on the objects (in the first intervention and restoration of artefacts laboratory).
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