Luogo - Museum

Museo Civico di Foggia

Where Piazza Vincenzo Nigri 1, Foggia
The Public Museum and the Municipal Art Gallery of Foggia, established on 28th October 1931, are housed in the Palazzo Arpi, in Piazza Nigri. The building is located on the same street named after the ancient city of Arpi, the largest of Daunia. Palazzo Arpi is located near the area where the imperial palace by Frederick II of Swabia was built in 1223. What remains is only a stone archway and the entrance gate - supported by two eagles - made by the famous protomagister Bartolomeo from Foggia, nestled along the side of the Museum in Piazza Nigri. The Museum contains an archaeological section, an ethnographic section, a gallery devoted to works of the eighteenth century, a lapidary, a prints section and a reconstruction of two fine Daunia tombs from IV-III century BC, the Medusa tomb and that of the Knights.
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