Luogo - Museum

Museo Provinciale di Storia Naturale

Where Viale Di Vittorio-Ex Liceo Marconi, 31, Foggia
The Museum of Natural History in Foggia, which opened on April 18th, 1996 conserves natural findings and divulges knowledge about flora, fauna and ecosystems. Since June 2002, housed inside the building, is the ex-Marconi School of Foggia. The care of scientific and educational activities of the museum, is entrusted to Diomede srl, which carries out scientific support and supervision, in particular, for the Atlas of amphibians and reptiles projects, Roebuck Gargano and on the publishing of the Museum. The museum has a classroom with lab tables, microscopes with cameras, multimedia computers, electronic scales and other scientific instruments which allows students, under the guidance of the museum, to experience the work of the naturalist; for example, venturing into the classification of animal remains dating back to millions of years ago.
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