Celenza Valfortore

Celenza Valfortore, (Foggia)
Celenza Valfortore is a town and comune in the province of Foggia in the Apulia region of southeast Italy.Main sightsChurch of Santa CrocePorta NovaGambacorta Castle (15th and 16th centuries)DemographicsThe population has been constantly shrinking in recent years. A massive emigration occurred during and after the Second World War. Numerous inhabitants moved to countries such as Argentina, the United States, and Australia.EconomyAgriculture used to employ the major part of the labour force. Cattle and farming were the main activities, although in the last years this has been changing, with the tertiary sector employing 41 percent of the working force.ClimateWinters are cold, influenced by the Apennines, with occasional snowfalls taking place between the months of November and March.Summers are extremely dry and hot. Almost no rainfall occurs between June and August.ReferencesExternal linksOur Celenza Heritage A site dedicated to the descendants of Celenza Valfortore and their immigrant ancestorsCelenza Valfortore and San Marco la Catola Online (Italian) An Italian language site dedicated to these two neighboring villages, includes pictures, traditions, news, and links