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Museo Civico Archeologico “Comm. Francesco delli Muti”

Where via Sbrasile, 11, Vico del Gargano (Foggia)
The "Francesco delle Muti" Civic Archaeological Museum was established on 20th April 1979 and is located in the "Opera Pia Monaco" building, a bourgeois palace from 1860, located at via Sbrasile 11. The museum collections are arranged in two rooms on the ground floor, with seven-lighted displays and equipped by a suitable photographic documentation and a series of panels illustrating the nature and role of the exhibits and the archaeological sites of origin. The entrance is shared with the “Giuseppe del Viscio” public library which has an ancient heritage of books (sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth century books etc.) of considerable historical importance and enables access to the disabled. The Museum carries out popular and educational research and is managed by the “Silvio Ferri” Archaeological Group of Gargano of Vico of Gargano (Foggia).
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