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Museo delle Arti e delle Tradizioni Popolari del Gargano Giovanni Tancredi

Where Piazza San Francesco, 1, Monte Sant'Angelo (Foggia)
Inspired by the ideas of the Loire Lambert, founder of the ethnoantropological institute of Rome, the museum was born from the collections of Giovanni Tancredi, inspired by the Montessori teaching methods, used for the educational institution of the House of Children, operates at a training, and that was localized in the halls of the monastery of San Francesco, which now houses the museum. The collections, together with the Tancredi photographic library, were reorganized in an exhibition that staged in some local of municipal administration, sees the first arrangement by Cafiero G. while a greater and wider vision of the museum was designed by Giovanni Battista Bronzini. Over the past 15 years the museum has been managed by the cooperative Ecogargani scarl, who oversaw the operation, maintenance, care and educational services to the public, while collections have been the subject of several studies, perhaps they see, their point of excellence in the photographic library collection G. Tancredi.
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