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Museo Naturalistico della Foresta Umbra

Where Loc. Foresta Umbra, Monte Sant'Angelo (Foggia)
The Umbra Forest is the green heart of Gargano National Park. Stretching over 10,000 hectares, is characterised by impressive flora so that in many ways, even during the day does not beat the sun (hence Umbra). The Umbra Forest is composed, at lower altitudes, from pinewoods which become forests dominated by Turkey oak, Oak and Holm Oak. Instead at higher altitudes extend to the Beech (pure or composite). On the side of Monte Sant’Angelo there are forests of yews. The management base of the Umbra Forest is located in the Visitor Centre, where you find the Naturalistic Museum, a reconstruction of the house of the loggers and wildlife areas of fallow deer and mouflon. The Umbra Forest is crossed by 14 paths made by the State Forestry Department. Walking a few paths is “relatively” easy to observe the wildlife that inhabit the forest (from roe deers to wild boars through to yews, fallow deers and beech marten) especially near the Sfilzi source and Cutini (lakes) of water. Also in the Umbra Forest, almost everywhere, there are beautiful flints.
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