Luogo - Religious building

Santuario di San Michele Arcangelo

Where Via Reale Basilica, 93-151, Monte Sant'Angelo (Foggia)

St. Archangel Michael's Sanctuary is located in St,. Angel Mount, in the province of Foggia. Joined the List of "World Heritage" by UNESCO in 2011, according to tradition, it was originated in 490, the year of the first apparition of the Archangel Michael on the Gargano. The main center of the cult of the entire West, typological model for all others, the Sanctuary was covered over the centuries of the monumental patronage and became one of the major pilgrimage sites of Christianity, stage variant of the Via Francigena. After the fall of the Lombard Kingdom (774), the Sanctuary kept its important function within the Duchy of Benevento. The structure consists of an upper and a lower level: the upper level, there are the Romanesque portal and the bell tower, also called Angevin Tower; the lower level includes the Cave, which is accessed directly from the steps, the Devotional Museum and Crypts. The statue of the Saint, in Carrara marble, was sculpted by Andrea Sansovino in 1507. The Cave has inside, past the statue, also the Episcopal Chair and the statue of Saint Sebastian. The Crypts are located in lombard rooms.

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