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Museo Malacologico di Vieste

Where Via Pola, 8, Vieste (Foggia)
The Museum was born from the passion of the married couple Mrs. Anna Ragnio and her husband Mr. Biagio Simone, who over the years with their many trips have collected thousands of artefacts around the world and in particular from Asian countries. This private collection was started in 1975 as a simple business of selling souvenirs and several shells. Over the years the collection has become increasingly numerous and full of rare and precious objects. For this reason, in 1984, the business was transformed and was created into the Malacological Museum, located on the E. Mattei waterfront. In 1995, the museum was moved to the historic centre of Vieste, where it now is. The 1600 building that houses the museum is very characteristic and for centuries was used as a warehouse, while in the last 50 years has been used as a mill. Everything is made from stone with rich arches, perfectly hosting the exhibits
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