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Castello di Peschici

Where Recinto Baronale, 1, Peschici (Foggia)
The Peschici Castle is characterised in the way of the already picturesque and charming lovely town of Peschici. It rises in fact, lying on top of a high cliff overlooking the sea. It dominates the Gargano coast from east to west. The Castle was built by the Normans in the tenth and eleventh centuries, in order to protect the land from attacks and incursions by Saracens and pirates. Originally, in the castle lived the monks of Tremiti abbeys. During the reign of Frederick II, the castle was decorated with the building of the magnificent tower, called "Rocca Imperiale". During the period of the Spanish viceroyalty, the castle was further strengthened to make it look more menacing and majestic against the Turks, who often carried out incursions on the land. Therefore a protective fence called "Baronial fence" was erected. The Prince of Ischitella, Emmanuel Pinto, restored the castle in 1735. The upper floors and meeting spaces were hit by demolitions and changes. After its implementation, the various forms of life existing on the territory were clustered around the fort, creating the first settlement of "Pesclizo".
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