Luogo - Religious building

Cattedrale di Santa Maria Matricolare (Duomo di Verona)

Where Vicolo Duomo, 1, Verona

St. Mary Matricolare's Cathedral incurred at the place which was built in the fourth century, the first Christian church in the city. The construction of the new Cathedral began in 1120 and ended in 1187. Over the centuries, the building has undergone various alterations dating back to the sixteenth century: the current tripartite facade with a central gable, twisted columns supporting an arch, whose sides they are carved floral motifs, hunting scenes and figures of saints. The top of the porch is in tuff and has an arch topped by a pediment resting on two griffins and eight columns. The portal is carved with images of prophets and animals. The present appearance of the interior is due to changes made to the Romanesque church in the fifteenth century: three naves by tall pillars in red marble from Verona, who claim Gothic arches. The nave, designed by the architect Michele Sanmicheli, ended the chapel. The side chapels are adorned with numerous sculptures and paintings, mostly Renaissance, the most famous is the painting of the Assumption of the Virgin (1535), a work by Titian. The lower part of the bell tower is Romanesque, the middle was built in '500 by Sanmicheli, while the upper part was continued in the twentieth century by the French beans, but has not been completed. The tower, 75 meters high, is home to a set of ten large bells.

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