Luogo - Monument

Arco dei Gavi

Where Piazzetta Castel Vecchio, 30, Verona

Gavi Arch is a monumental Roman architecture in Verona, erected in the mid-first century just outside the city walls. Commissioned to the architect Vitruvius Cerdone towards the end of the reign of Augustus (first half of the century), in the Municipal period the Arch was incorporated into the city wall and used as a city gate, under the name of St. Zeno Gate. Over time, the monument went deteriorating. In 1805, during the Napoleonic occupation, he decreed the dismantling, and the blocks were housed in the Arena. The monument was rebuilt in 1932, on drawings by Andrea Palladio, in a green area at Castelvecchio. The Arch is built on two main fronts, connected on the short sides by two smaller arches. The coverage ceiling is coffered. The stone used is red ammonitico completely bleached, coming from Valpolicella.

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