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Galleria d'arte moderna Palazzo Forti


The Museum of the Arena di Verona Foundation (AMO) is based at the historic Forti Palace. The core of the building dates back to the thirteenth century, when it served as the residence of the tyrant of Verona Ezzelino III da Romano: facade brick, with a large porch and arched windows. In the sixteenth century it was incorporated in the Renaissance building "Emilei-Forti", becoming a stately home of prestige, with local representation, aristocratic salons, library, apartments, gardens, stables and services. A second operation was made in the seventeenth century, by architect Vincenzo Pellesia; but its current appearance is the result of the intervention of the eighteenth century, by Pellegrini: great Neoclassical facade, with stylistic elements of the Enlightenment period. The interior retains the rooms of the apartment where he was housed Napoleon. The imposing building has hosted for a long time the Gallery of Modern Art "Achille Forti", today in the Palace of the Region. The current AMO's layout, developed over more than thirty rooms, pays tribute to the Opera through historical, documentary and multimedia elements (booklets, photographs, letters, scores, drawings, sketches, sets, etc.), revealing all phases of creative process that led to the staging of an opera. The Museum also proposes services of guided tours and educational workshops.

Museo della Fondazione Arena di Verona (AMO) - Palazzo Forti c
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