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Museo di Castelvecchio


Castelvecchio Museum hosts important collections of medieval art, Renaissance and modem art (until the 18th century):
- 29 rooms of exhibits of paintings, sculptures, archaeological finds, weapons (622 items)
- Specialized Cabinet: about 90,000 coins and medals, 2,650 drawings, , 8,000prints and 800 photographic plates
- Deposits: 2,500 paintings, about 500 sculptures and bronzes, about 800 furniture and decorative arts, 300 arms and 200 items of ethnographic collection
In addition to the exhibition halls, the Department of Drawings and Prints at the Numismatic Cabinet are: management, administrative and technical offices, general archive, photo library, hall for temporary exhibitions, store catalogues, workshops subsidy.

The restoration, begun in the late 1950s, saw the director work closely Licisco Magagnato Carlo Scarpa and the designer is thinking in a philological restoration of spaces, both in selecting and placing works functionally and emotionally closer to the idea of a museum as a work of ad. Since then the Museum of Castelvecchio has become a benchmark.

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