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Piazza delle Erbe

Where Piazza delle Erbe , 18-20, Verona

Piazza delle Erbe is the oldest square in Verona, ancient Roman Forum. Over time Roman buildings have given way to those Medieval. In 2012 it is considered the most beloved Italian square in the world according to a survey conducted by Fondazione Marilena Ferrari. The north side is occupied by ancient Town Hall, Lamberti Tower, House of Judges and Mazzanti Houses. West corner, the smaller one, is closed by Baroque Maffei Palace, adorned with several statues of Greek gods. The oldest monument in the square is the fountain topped by a statue called Madonna Verona, from Roman times with Medieval additions. In front of Maffei Palace is a white marble column on top of which is St. Mark's leon, symbol of Venetian Republic.

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