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Porta Nuova

Where Piazzale Porta Nuova, Verona

New Gatae is a monumental door of Verona, built between 1532 and 1540 by architect Michele Sanmicheli. The Gate, situated between the Bastion of the Holy Trinity and the Bbastion of the Reformed, was built in conjunction with the work of re-alignment of the boundary walls. The present form of the port is quite similar to the original by Sanmicheli, although during the Austrian occupation of the major alterations. In 1852 it was added to the two side arches with facilitation function of traffic. The block that makes up the structure of the door has two circular towers on either side, used by sentries. The top deck was not used to maneuver the artillery. The plant, rectangular, is structured as a three-course facility, accessible from the countryside with wooden drawbridges. The statement to the campaign reflects the classic compositional scheme of the triumphal arch. The front is divided in the middle with the main entrance and two side slightly behind. The penthouse was holding the St. Mark's lion, later replaced by the sculptural group with two griffins, among which stands out the coat of arms with the eagle. The rear facade extends throughout the length and faithfully reproduces the front. The work recovers some ancient Rome elements in Verona.

Porta Nuova c
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