Biblioteca Civica di Verona

Via Cappello, 43, Verona

Verona Civic Library was founded in 1792 and opened to the public ten years later. Already in 1868 Library collections reached 60,000 volumes, so that it was necessary to widen the seat and bring together Ancients Archives. Unfortunately the largest building of the complex that still houses former St. Sebastian's Church, was completely destroyed by an allied air raid. New headquarters was designed by Pier Luigi Nervi and opened in 1980. Today Library holds over 700,000 volumes, 1,230 incunabula, sixteenth 6,000, 3,600 manuscripts, 95,000 letters and documents, a photo library, 2,000 prints, maps and topographical.


Monday 2:00/7:00 pm; Tuesday-Friday 9:00 am 7:00 pm; Saturday 9:00a m 2:00 pm

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