Luogo - Historical building

Torre dei Lamberti

Where Piazza Erbe, 14A, Verona

Lamberti Toweri is a Mmedieval tower in Verona, 84 meters high, which stands in Erbe Square, in the historic center of the city. It was built by the powerful Lamberti family, who began the construction in the XI century, in blocks of brick and tufa. In 1140, it was elected Civic Tower and was installed the first bell. In 1272, the Arengo bell (or Rengo) it was added another, called the Marangona, to signal the start and end of work activities. In 1311 it joined the Consolata bell. The bell also had the function of custodians, correctional officers (the Tower usually housed some held) and lookouts. In 1403, lightning struck the top of the Tower, which was restored and erected only in 1448. In 1798 it was placed on top of the clock tower. The Tower is now open to the public, to enjoy the panoramic view of the city.


Every day from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm (7:30 in winter).

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