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Villa Elmo (Ville Palladiane - Sito UNESCO)

Where villa elmo, Vedelago (Treviso)

It is one of the most accomplished Palladian villas: in the design the same mathematical proportions were used, both in elevation and in the size of the rooms, used by Palladio for the rest of his work. Since 1996 it has been included by UNESCO in the list of World Heritage Sites, together with other Palladian villas in Veneto region and in Vicenza, "Città del Palladio".

The villa is framed by two long barreled colonnades that originally housed the farmhouses. The entrance is at the end of a long paved path. The exteriors are essential, without decorations, while the interiors are richly decorated with frescoes by Giovanni Battista Zelotti, author of similar works in other Palladian villas.

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